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The talented trio of Sonic Union, Eleven Sins & Forniva, who pilot the good ship Lowbit, deliver the labels next release with this long-awaited full-length album Ascension.

The first track Laguna set a mysterious tone, cleansing the musical palate for the rich feast it is about to experience, with tropical moods and arpeggiated patterns complimenting the shuffling drums.

Accelerate bursts out of the blocks with a full-blooded kick and ethereal synths combining to develop the deep sense of mystery and intrigue even further. The tension is rising….

Duplicate rises up to cut through the mystery and sees the producers move into more familiar territory. Driving progressive bass and swaggering drums open the way for glorious pads and breakbeats to take centre stage in the breakdown, a truly memorable moment.

The pace then slows with Scalamaria, which will hypnotise all that listen. Resonating drums and techno stabs are used as aural weapons, taking control and delivering an absorbing melodic journey.

Freedom takes us on a nostalgic trip down the progressive highway with melancholy stabs and bass driven key changes creating some magical moments.

Atomic explodes onto the sonic spectrum next and certainly lives up to its name. A throbbing bassline, moody riffs and a relentless, slamming kick drum detonate in harmony, as robotic vocals weave in and out expertly.

The Robot twists and turns with multiple eighties synths working together to create a dystopian, but uplifting space opera.

Havoc fizzes and pops through the gears. The mighty clap erupts and driving drums lead us towards to an unforgettable riff, awash with drama. As the elements fuse together a spellbinding scene unfolds, blurring the boundaries between techno and indie dance in glorious fashion.

The Drive heads back into more familiar deep, melodic and progressive territory with the rolling bassline and multiple synth riffs weaving together in harmony, locking the listener into the groove.

The album closes with Dreaming. Ethereal synths, techno pads and expertly programmed toms deliver a glittering, euphoric final moment.

This album showcases the experience and endless talent that this trio of producers have in their locker. It also demonstrates their versatility as they move from progressive and melodic sounds through to indie dance, techno and breaks. Ascension is a fitting name for a cutting-edge piece of work that will lift the listener to another level.

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