Thawra records founder Etyen unveils his new EP “Yasmine” deeply embedded in, and exploring his native musical roots, offering 3 original tracks and a remix by German-Iranian Electronica producer Namito (Sol Selectas, Bedrock).

Eibada, Yasmine and Ibada seamlessly fuse syncopated rhythms, oriental melodies and driving synth bass-lines & Electronica elements, with a warm and cinematic quality. From a story-telling standpoint, each track forms a chapter in a 3-part critique on identity, and the clash of cultures that parallels the duality within the Lebanese artist, born from one culture and yet adopting another.

Perfectly complimenting this package is Namito’s revolution inspired remix of Eibada, using sounds recorded from the Lebanese revolution which erupted on October 17 2019. Namito masterfully delivers a dreamy club ready mix that packs a punch and holds nothing back with its thematically poignant message.

Released on @thawrarecords


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