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PREMIERE : Esoteric Circle – Gordon Cole (Original Mix)[Infinite Depth]

Infinite Depth is thrilled to present you its first Various Artists, called ‘The First Milestone’. The label is very pleased with all the positive developments, which has been happening since its establishment. That’s why the VA is seen as a real milestone the label has reached. It’s a representation of the sound, quality and thoughts Infinite Depth stands for. Bringing you artists who are already settled on the label as well as freshly welcomed talents. The VA includes in total eight tracks of EarthLife, Senses of Mind, Justrice, THC, Jaden Raxel, Alberth, Esoteric Circle and Naji Arun.

‘Gordon Cole’ is the seventh track of the VA and produced by Esoteric Circle. The track is built on a very strong fundament in the form of Esoteric Circle’s signature lower part. This forms a solid base for an interesting and catchy synth-work, together emerging in a rock steady track.

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