PREMIERE: Anton Dhouran & Rafael Cerato – Like Gilles Said
[The Soundgarden]

Release Info:
Anton Dhouran lands on Soundgarden, with the uber cool Misty Mountain, after him first appearing on the label when he remixed Inhmost. His music has graced Diynamic, Einmusika and Chapter 24, proving his musical worth at the very highest level.

‘Misty Mountain’ is a sophisticated melodic voyage with a difference, where chill out meets a warm club vibes, with its half speed groove that works well in either situation, and will bring a breath of fresh air to the dance floor. Beautiful pads, luscious chords, that bubbling bass and all round goodness ooze from the tracks every pore.

Anton Dhouran collaborates with Rafael Cerato next from the excellent ‘Like Gilles Said’. A dramatic electronica slab of coolness, with a big smile inducing heart that glows as the vocals are wrapped up in blankets of warm pads, and a sumptious vocal from Jonatan Bäckelie, while the skippy shoulder swaying groove makes this a fantastic end of night moment, but again can also be used in a more chilled set too.
Ben Bohmer’s re-interpreation takes on a four to the floor and refined melodious excursion, as tinkling keys meet sub bass, and merge wonderfully and emotively, before the vocal really raises the roof. A thing of beauty here.

Release Date: 18/08/17

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