PREMIERE : Alex Sharp – Varṇa Andha (Jydn Remix)[Recovery Collective]

The return of our comrade Alex Sharp finally sees the light of day with the heavily packed Varna Andha EP, featuring his original record and a collection of pumping remixes by Boy with Boat, Jydn, Purple Pill and Shane Belles.

The title track is everything you can expect from his deep, dark and progressive sound – a rolling, throbbing bassline tied with weaved synth work and haunting, love ballad like vocal.

Boy with Boat then takes full flight and picks up the pace a little with his remix, introducing all new layers of progression, flavour and vibe.

After a short hiatus we have Jydn back in full force to shake things up with his very special rendition that blurs the lines between genres by fusing progressive, melodic and breaks elements to create a truly unique sound and direction.

Hailing from Tel Aviv with our third remix is Purple Pill featuring a stripped back version, a funkier melodic baseline and deep breakdown.

Last but not least is Shane Belles, a young and upcoming emerging name of the scene in Amsterdam, who puts his chuggy progressive touch on the original.


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