PREMIERE: Aguizi & Fahim – Ahl El Maghna (MiRET Remix) [Souq Records]

Release Info:
Darb is the path, Darb is the route, and Darb is the road. Like the Silk Routes of the past, for thousands of years, Egyptians have taken to the Darb to get where they need to go. Whether it was a 3 month haul through the Sahara for trade, or a year long journey to secure food & water. We are all on one Darb or another, in constant flux and motion, from where we were, to where we are, then where we want to be.

Exciting Egyptian Electronic artists have teamed up on this compilation with 3 fresh tracks from the heart of the ever evolving music scene. Ahl El Maghna are the eternal “People of Song”, while “Al Beat” is a classical Arabic ode to the Beat that keeps us all moving. “Tudan” can loosely translate to “Karma”; as you give, so shall you receive.

Timboletti, Keybe, San Miguel & MiRET have also given their twists on takes on the Darb, with exclusive remixes designed to make your path, a little more interesting. Enjoy your Darb.

Release Date: 21/08/17

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