Moscoman is a real master of inventive grooves and off kilter synth patterns. He has proven that on labels like ESP Institute as well as his own Disco Halal. Here though he appears on Diynamic, the huge house label run by Solomun. Specifically he takes part in the label’s on going Picture Ep series where he really shows off all his skills.

Song For Bourdain is likely named after the iconic late chef. It is a scintillating tech piece that drives late into the night and really casts a spell with its haunting keys. Let Me Take You Back is then eight upbeat minutes of darting, busy synths and woozy chords with rooted drums, and Shamanic then layers up poppy melodies that are dream like and magic over more of his slick drum work.

Things get darker on Change, with militant drums marching beneath edgy percussive sounds and lots of great effects and filters that really suck you in. Night And Day is the most techno leaning of the lot, with wooden hits riding over the kicking drums, but again a real sense of melody colours the whole hypnotic track. Under Your Wing is the closer and is a fun, uplifting track with bumpy drums and soft acid lines all casting their spell. As such this is a journey deep into Mosocman’s mind.

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