Hamburg pair Adana Twins are next up on Diynamic Music with their entry into the Picture series. It finds them offer up six new tunes that showcase the breadth and depth of their sound.


My Computer feat Glowal goes first with a retro-future tech groove that has some 80s vocals and effects as the stark hits groove along. Agonist is a more traditional club track with deeper drums and sparse atmospheres while Maoa then gets playful with colourful disco synths and laid back beats that encourage you to gaze off into the distance. C3PO is a pure club track with laser synths shooting over the beats and plenty of hands in the air moments while Nobis is a cosmic explorer with sustained pads and suppled, dialled back rolling drums that get you hypnotised. Little Karlo closes things out ditty chord sequences and crisp drums making you move. This is a fine EP from this esteemed pair.


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