Orbiter is the Moon Harbour series that introduces talents old and new to the label. The series is now up to issue five and this latest one features Emery Warman, Timo Maas, Basti Grub, Joeski and Proudly People who all come correct.
Emery Warman is a Hungarian on the rise after big tunes on vIVA. His cut is thick and heavy, with warped bass and off-kilter synth patterns bringing a choppy sense of energy. I Like To Dance is fine effort from the legendary Timo Mass in cahoots with Basti Grub. Together the techno titans cook up a dark, edgy track with a weird late night energy that is deep and involving.
Joeski gets much more playful with Return of the Sax, which has popping drums, party-starting sax lines, and big, wet cymbals all bring the house party grooves in real style. Last of all, Morning Light picks up the pace from Proudly People. This one is slick and urgent and high temp, with diva vocals adding soul.
All in all, this is another contemporary and varied release from the always trendsetting label land it offers plenty of highlights.