MOTVS is an Italian artist from Rome who has been making waves in the international techno scene with the help of his releases on labels including T78’s Autektone, Cosmic Boys’ Legend and Spartaque’s CODEX.

Many are also becoming familiar with Exetra Records, which MOTVS runs in collaboration with fellow Italian artist IMPULSE FACTORY. The two also often collaborate together on music and they are closing 2022 with a track called “Rock”.

“Rock” is a single-track release that showcases the pair’s thundering style of techno that blends powerful synth lines with punchy percussion to make enthralling grooves packed with energy.

IMPULSE FACTORY has been producing tracks since the ‘90s and has a background in hardcore which helps him give his techno productions an explosive style.

“Rock” has a pulsating bassline and rattling high-end percussion that’s augmented with sci-fi-influenced atmospheric textures. The unnerving synth melody slowly fades in and the warped vocal stabs are soon joined by a euphoric lead synth. Its unrelenting energy is a brutal dance floor workout that takes no prisoners.

It’s out on the 26th of December, and available to buy from HERE.