MOTVS is an Italian techno producer making his debut on UMEK’s record label 1605 with an EP titled “DNA”.

Already a respected producer, MOTVS is the co-founder of Exetra Records and has featured his hard-hitting style on other highly regarded imprints including T78’s Autektone Records, Cosmic Boy’s Legend and Spartaque’s Codex.

This release is a great example of MOTVS’ boisterous style which often utilises distinctive vocal samples to make them extremely memorable to those who have experienced them on a dance floor.

DNA” is the EP’s title track, and it orientates around a captivating vocal with sci-fi undertones talking about how current actions can affect the future of the human race. The track opens with a powerful bassline and unstoppable percussion to create a frantic energy that translates into excitement on the dance floor.

Second is “Automa” which like the first track, wastes no time in picking up the pace to deliver a fat-sounding groove with chunky drums, thickset synths and lots of immersive atmosphere. Its futuristic vocal and eerie breakdown section add to the building tension that unfolds as the track reaches its terminal velocity.

Out now, you can buy a copy HERE.