Hot off the heels of their Spring Sampler release, including Funk D’Void, Kloves, Joe Silva and Derrick Thompson, we managed to have a chat with the team about 5 artists they would love to work with…


This guy is absolutely incredible at what he does! Almost everyone one of his tracks has blown me away personally and we as a label can only hope to get a release one day from him that comes close to what he did on his tracks, “Soul Brother” and “Square”.

Tape Hiss

Tape hiss has the ability to create these beautiful, lush and dreamy House tracks that has us constantly searching from more. The way he brings that old dance music feel, makes us feel that this artist would be a dreamed of addition to Moonlight.

Anthony Fade

Anthony Fade has been such an inspiration to our label that we are actually proposing and hoping to get a releases from him in the very near future. I have yet to meet another artist that thrives on pushing the boundaries of House music every time I get to enjoy one of their releases; please don’t stop.

Black Loops

Black Loops is a bit new to us, however NOT to the artist we work with. This artist has helped reinstall the lost sounds of House music, and Ive felt that since the first day I heard their stuff.


When they say, save the best for last, well that rule is no exception to this artist. Demuir has literally been my favourite artist for years, and one our top most sought after artist’s. The respect that this guys music demands is mirrored to the quality it delivers. We would be incredibly grateful to have a such a humbled artist be part of Moonlight.

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