Three years after releasing as a premiere his massive remix of Anton Dhouran ‘Osmekha’ on Name Festival record label, we are delighted to welcome Ruede Hagelstein on board for an exclusive record and taking time to discuss about music and global situation




We obviously hope you’re fine and secure in this global sanitary situation… How do you manage your lockdown in Berlin, without talking about musical aspects? 

I am working in the studio every day, so most of my days haven’t changed, just making more non dancefloor music at the moment. I am supporting a few groups of people helping to solve the crisis, working out concepts for reopening the clubs. I am feeling responsible using my contacts and ability to connect people, write and talk. 


What are your hobbies? Other than jogging and cooking that we’ve all been practicing for a month !

I like to poker and I am writing a funny book about the dj scene.


The pandemic global status instantly stopped all gigs and venues, and we know it’s a really difficult situation for artists and night/event workers, especially in Berlin where the underground music is an important part of the town landscape and culture. Now stuck at home, besides taking time for yourself and reflecting, it’s an occasion to work on production and digital promotion. On which project are you working now and how do you think the lockdown influences your productions and your way to work? 

Next to a few dance remixes I did recently, I work on a concert show for myself. It’s meant to be an addition to my usual club live sets and it’s far from peak-time club sound. It is going to be aired at United We Stream on May 18th alongside Stimming and Christian Löffler. Just before the crisis I started to work on it. So technically the situation fits for me, even it’s a terrifying global mess. It’s hard to produce dance stuff these days, I like to test the tracks while my dj or live sets. At the moment there is no testing and I enjoy making music for my kitchen radio and my car.


The 2020 version of your masterpiece ‘Minus’ is now released on Upon You Records. What was your motivations for it? You just wanted a revival and to bring a fresh and a ‘more’ club fitted version of it?  

I played Minus in many of my live sets and I played it live in accompany with my friend Andrei Matorin. He plays violin and I really liked the Strings. When Upon You Boss Marco ask me for a contribution, I had this update in mind. It’s not more or less clubby I would say, but works as a lovely renaissance of the original.


You have a really solid signature sound for each track you produce, with a unique deep sound and varied inspirations, even as a remixer for which you excel  in my opinion. Can you describe what inspires you and your working process ? 

It’s always nice to start with something and not dig in the dark

In terms of remixing.. I love to transform an original to something different. There must be an initial idea, before I agree to remix something. It’s always nice to start with something and not dig in the dark. As I am producing for and with other people and do a lot of mixings, I am very used to work with others ideas and I enjoy this way of working.


At the moment, broadcasting of tracks (released or promo) during festival and club events are down, but there are many ways to diffuse and discover underground music (Live and mixtapes on socials, streaming platforms). As media and an owner of 3 labels, we decided to stand by our next EPs and postpone the release dates. It’s a choice we assume but not necessary the good and common one. What’s your opinion about that? On your side, what will be the impact of the situation on the underground music consumption? 

I think it’s not wrong trying new things while being shut down and postpone some dance tracks to later the time.

To be honest, I have no idea. I ask myself the same questions for my own label DUAT records. As I mentioned before, I am enjoying non club music a lot these days and I am feeling a bit uncomfortable to produce club sound, while having no club experiences. I think it’s a good time to do something else. My friends Adana Twins asked me for ambient tracks or other stuff to release. They seem to seize the time releasing different things. I think it’s not wrong trying new things while being shut down and postpone some dance tracks to later the time. Look at my Sweet Musique podcast, I tried to do something special. Not the usual Ruede clubset, more a cabrio ride throughout the summer without music festivals.


And because the current confinement isn’t an end in itself, positivity is the best way to keep smiling and move forward. Can you mention four things that the lockdown provides or will provide you, and why?

I am lucky, because I am not fully in need of my own artist income, as I am working as a producer and engineer as well. So it did not hit me that hard as most of my colleagues. I reduced my life style to a minimum, means no luxuries. Potatoes at home instead of steak bernaise at artist dinners. That’s good! So I am able to use the free time for further inspiration and rethinking. What do I need really? Is it worth flying every weekend around the world? I just turned 40 and I can feel how exhausting it is, the travel, the race and the pressure. I took everything for granted for years and I will be deeply thankful to play my next gigs. And I will play less and I will try to be more responsible to the environment, when we are able to start again.


We all hope the worldwide situation will recover a soon as possible. We are delighted for having exchanged some word with you and many thanks for this great selection as usual !

Very welcome, all the best.