Meshes is back with more studio brilliance in the form of this new EP for Sağol. Mu-ga R and MVQX, meanwhile, provide the remixes.

Joy (Original Mix) kicks off with a fierce techno groove and static sound effects all mired in dirt. Мы Дикие, Мы Стадо (Original Mix) comes on strong with more fractured vocals and layers of grit and grime over well programmed and bouncing drums. Joy (Muga Remix) is one that twists and turns on tortured synths, with bulky bass and hammering hits. The top tune of the EP is the last one, Мы Дикие, Мы Стадо (MVQX Pattern Chain Remix), which is a slithering and slippery, stripped back techno roller with thundering hits.

There is some fine individuality to these tunes that really makes an impact.


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