Baikal Nomads drops a new release by Matt Jah who recently made a splash on the imprint with his track “Canto a La Lluvia” which was featured on their compilation, Badarchin Vol. 6.

That track was one of the stand-out cuts on the comp and now Matt Jah is back on Baikal Nomads with a solo EP featuring four of his original tracks.

Matt Jah is a well-travelled Italian artist that takes inspiration from the places he visits to create organic house tracks with rhythms, instruments and melodies from different cultures.

Also on the EP is a remix by Sadhu Sensi who is a South African producer that blends his skills as a musician with electronic music production to create downtempo tracks that are full of organic sounds and textures. This is his Second time on Baikal Nomads and he has also been featured on other labels such as Cosmic Awakenings, Katermukke, Kosa and Amselcom.

Espiral” opens with dreamy melodies and wafting flutes layered with chunky percussion sounds. Indigena is made from a similar sound pallet as the previous track, but with a slight raise in tempo to give it more of an uplifting vibe. “Ohm Nay” has a chopped-up guitar sample and soothing vocal chant. Sadhu Sensi’s remix of Ohm Nay strips back some of the percussion to focus on the vocal and other melodic sounds. “Orizonte” combines a trippy-sounding acid synth and flutes to create a mesmerising track that’s full of atmosphere.

You can buy the release here.