How, when, where and when did you all meet?

We all met about 3 years ago through mutual friends who introduced us because they knew we had a shared interest in music and it just went from there. We really did share the same passion for work even if our tastes in music weren’t exactly the same at the time, something which we think has helped us in the long run.

Had any of you been making music before then, or involved in the scene anyhow?

Yes we had all been involved in the scene before, both making music and also promoting our own parties in the city, eventually having to give it up as we shifted our focus on to producing in the studio.

Can you give us a sentence each on each other to sum up how you see each others character?

It’s a bit cliche but we are all pretty similar in character, very laid back but also very driven and focused on what we want to do, this probably played a big part in us ending up working together and is the reason why it works so well with the three of us.

How long till you started working together and why did you think it would work?

We had always worked together since we met each other but not officially until about 12 months ago when we started Matrefakt. We knew it would work because we had spent so much time in the studio together already that our styles were becoming more and more similar so it only felt right to start something together.

What is your vibe and style in the studio, do you know the sort of music you want to make?

Often we have an idea of what we want to make yes, but it’s always good to have a starting point but it could go any way once we sit down and then it’s just a case of rolling with what comes.

It’s pretty high energy, peak time stuff but still with some class and style – is that fair? Where does that style come from?

Yes we would say that’s pretty fair. The style comes from when we first started going to clubs in the city and there was always a lot of house music on the local radio at the time. Most of the clubs especially the ones we could get into at first played a lot of funky house so it’s pretty much stayed with us since then, with us obviously putting our own stamp on those early influences.

Are any of you formally trained? Do you play any instruments or the like?

No none of us are musically trained. Tony played a bit of guitar when he was younger but nothing serious, and we had all been to various courses or colleges early on to try and find a way in but that never really worked. Most of what we know is self taught.

Tell us about why you started running your own label? What’s the vibe?

Starting a label was always something we had thought about doing, we just didn’t know when it would be the right time. Having spent so much time in the studio over the last 12-18 months we ended up with a lot of tracks and nowhere to put them, which encouraged us to go ahead with this after asking for advice from friends that work in the industry. We’re all quite independent in character as well, so we really don’t mind doing things ourself. It’s all been quite exciting really literally doing everything from scratch.

What else have you got coming up?

We have another EP coming out in May, then another one after that in July. We are currently in the studio at the moment working on something for over the summer and then going into the winter we aim to show our more darker heavier side. We also visited Devon Analogue studio in February so we have an EP that we had started there to finish so we will hopefully squeeze that into our release schedule somewhere too.


Matrefakt’s ‘Radiation Generation’ is out on April 26th on Attitudes to Life
Grab it here