Based in Brighton with a vast experience of curating parties and occasions for people to let themselves go listening to great music, we asked Magnus Asberg (C-Soul) his Top 5 Clubs of all time…

Nightclubs in Sweden, to free parties in the UK. Let’s GO!

1. Discotek Macro (Lerum/Sweden)

Magnus Asberg at Macro 1985

Club Macro this was my own club in my home town Lerum in Sweden i was 17 34 years ago 1985 and we had so much fun setting this up it was in a ware house
and i played all sorts of Electro, Italo disco, Pop, Hip Hop & some very early House. We didn’t have a drink license but we where brewing home made wine
in my mum & dads kitchen when hanged you jacket in you ask for a special. My mum was a top politician at the time and we use to get raided all the time & some how always got way with it.

2. Fabric (London/England)

Herbert Non Stop (Motorbass Mix) Phono Records

Fabric is such a special place it was a honour to play there first year it open we moved our night me and Andy Blake’s Mono Chrome from the Mass in Brixton to Fabric, when it first open good move that was played a 4 hour set before Herbert the band and then someone asked me after Herbert finish do you want to go back on and I was like hell yea also played there a few times with Wiggle. That club has always stayed true to the underground.

3. Berns 9Stockholm/Sweden)

C-Soul (Magnus Asberg) Vision Alive DIY Discs

Such a special place this it’s a hotel with a proper underground club in the basement did some of my first C-Soul live acts there. When I first got asked to play there they asked me to do a cd of breaks and I did soon as they got the cd they ask can you come this weekend to play? I was like I can’t this weekend but I can next so that’s’ how my residence started soon after I checked out the upstairs room the restaurant massive holds 1000’s of people and they were playing house so I asked please give me a shoot up here so they did and manage to get myself a monthly residence in the main room so much fun..

4. Le Pele/Catina/Espace Olca

Laurent Garner Wake Up Warp Records

Yea I know, I got 3 clubs on this one but they are all special to me they are all in Chamonix France I was one of the first DJ’s there I had my turntables sent down on a bus from Sweden and use to do rave’s party’s everywhere Espace Olca we did some big rave’s Le Pele was the first disco in town where the
resident dis old French guy use to let me play some records it did have a water fall inside and Catina was the place where i called home so many good party’s there.

5. Megatripolis/Postive Sound System

K-Alexi (K.A. Happy Mixx) Club M.C.M

This is not a club as such it was a big warehouse where I used to do the sound system with Baby Boom sound system for Charlie Hall’s drum club party’s and use to do 5+ hours set’s there number 5 is more of a tribute to the free party scene that I was very involved with back in the day we use to do them all beach party’s warehouse’s mountain top’s mainly with Positive Sound System it was a lot of fun big thanx to DIY for releasing my first record back then…