Legroni is the artist behind the first EP on the Zoom Zoom Records label. It comes from Russia and on this evidence will be a super outlet for classy melodic techno. 

Opener Oz is filled with rasping tension, with synths that pan about the mix and drums that are upright and fresh. It sets you off on a fine trip. Page then sinks deeper down into the underground, with a phased bassline, crashing claps and the sort of absorbing atmosphere that really draws you in to marvel at the sci-fi details. The mood switches then with What, a more spritely tune with disco energy that lifts your spirit and has real cosmic colour. Zo is a more snaking tune with a vocoders vocal, pixelated keys that sound exotic and hypnotic and lush Moog pads. Volen is classic prog, uplifting, filled with soul and future vibes as well as a nice tender vocal. 
This is a great first EP that is sure to set the club alight. 


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