Hey guys! Thanks for joining us in this conversation today. We are happy to catch up on our last conversation and reflect on the journey you had with this project. 

Glad to be back!

You launched Deep In Your Soul in 2022. What has been your experience running the label? 

The last year has been really great. In a short time, our label has become known to the general public thanks to support from very big international artists such as Black Coffee, Magdalena, Enoo Napa, Simone Vitullo, Blondish, &Lez, Kususa, Da Capo, Lemon & Herb, …

We have professionalized quite a bit and only want to put out very quality releases.

Deep In Your Soul is a Belgian label that focuses on showcasing local talents, combined with international heavyweights to give the label more international support.

Can you tell us more about the team behind the imprint? 

We work with a relatively small team: 

Nicolas (Aytiwan) is responsible for everything concerning releases (preparation, planning, selection) and deals with the day-to-day production of the label, he is our label manager.

Bastiaan (Amerlegna) defines the strategic vision and together with Nicolas, he selects the demos to be signed and the financial investments.

We also work with a close group of local talents who together shake superb productions and remixes out of their sleeves: Aytiwan, Geuzz, Nicko, Divestorm, Fatïa, Soundlimit, Mad Gregor, Klaudius, … 

Deep In Your Soul is a much more Afro House-oriented project compared to DHB. What was your idea behind pursuing this particular sound? 

We learned about the genre primarily through Black Coffee and immediately fell in love with the style and the way the atmosphere and events bring people together.

However, the genre is still relatively unknown in Belgium and we want to change that.

The latest release on Deep In Your Soul titled «Closure» comes from Kususa and Lisa M. The EP also includes remixes from Da Capo and Lemon & Herb. Can you tell us more about the story behind this release?  

A quest that turned into an obsession underpinned by a labor of love has borne remarkable fruit for the Belgian label Deep In Your Soul. After ironically hearing Closure by Kususa as the opening track of Black Coffee’s set at Tomorrowland 2018, Amerlegna searched high and low for the original; only to discover that it had never been released. So started a five-year journey to get the track on their own imprint and then back it up with some powerful remixes.

Kususa themselves are no strangers to the Afro House arena as the South African duo have blazed a trail across the genre over the past couple of years. With scintillating singles and an EP that has truly dominated the field, Deep In Your Soul knew this was the track that could reinforce their reputation as a label to be reckoned with. With their last release being featured on Black Coffee’s Spotify playlist, the label heads knew they needed something extraordinary to follow up on that success. They have found that in the remarkable work of Kususa.

That desire to get them onto the Belgian label became all the more urgent when Amerlegna was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma at the start of the year. Recognizing that time on this planet can be fleeting, the business partners made it an absolute priority to secure the rights to the track and share it with the world.

With the poison of Chemo coursing through his veins, it was the incredible vocals of Lisa M which provided Amerlegna so much peace and tranquillity as the world around him descended into one of chaos and uncertainty. Being able to focus on the track and coordination to get it distributed became part of the healing process and a distraction from the challenges that lay before him.

Can you name the artists that we can expect to see on the label in the near future? 

DJ Xanto, A.C.N., Geuzz, Fatïa, &Lez, Idd Aziz, Enoo Napa, Divestorm, Klaudius, and many more to come!

How do you define success? Is it about the numbers or is there more to it? 

This project can be called successful if we can touch people emotionally, in the depths of their souls.

Thanks for joining us today. Is there anything else you would like to mention before we go? 

It would be absolutely wonderful if our mission could be spread as far as possible.

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