Firstly are you in lockdown, and how is it? How are you keeping busy?

Citizens are asked to stay indoors unless a transfer is “essential”. This includes, for example, trips to work (if necessary), food shops, pharmacy, petrol station, post office, etc.

The advantage is that many producers now have more time to make music. We will therefore receive more demos. We ourselves focus on upcoming releases for 2020 and 2021.

What are the roots of deep house in Belgium? Who are the key players?

We don’t think you can really talk about key players in Belgium.

6 years ago we started a Facebook page to promote the genre in Belgium.

It is also not the case that we only focus on this genre. Our releases are wider than that: melodic house, afro house, tech house, melodic techno and progressive.

What is your story, when did you first fall involved with the sound and why?

The first time I really came into contact with it probably dates from the early 90s.

Robert Owens “I’ll be your friend” was probably one of the first singles I could appreciate in the ‘deeper’ genre.

In the early 2000s there was also an album by Rui Da Silva “produced and remixed” with real gems. This album may have lent more to progressive. A genre is also not always easy to name.

I love music with soul that combines deep low tones with a dark melody.

For example, Slam “Lifetimes” remains one of my all time favorites.

Why start the label, what was the catalyst, was there a certain record you wanted to get up or?

I discovered that many Belgian artists made very good productions. Unfortunately, they are often unloved or unknown. The main reason was to help these artists to make their music known to the right audience.

What is the sound of Deep House Belgium? And what is it not?

I cannot really say that there is a specific requirement for what we release. The keywords are deep and melodic.


Tell us about the upcoming NICKO and Nico P EPs you have coming – what made you like them, what makes them right for the label?

They are Belgian producers, they have a lot of talent and they make deep and melodic music that just sounds great.


What is the hardest part of running a label? What key lessons have you learnt?

The hardest part of a label is making it financially profitable. Belgium is a very small country with a very small market. That is why we are now looking outside Belgium.

In my opinion there is still a fairly closed circuit in Belgium. Too little attention is paid to unloved and unknown talent.

What is the best bit, the most rewarding bit?

Realising people’s dreams by publishing their creative work.

How do you judge success?

I think you are successful when you keep motivating yourself to do even better.

What else have you got coming up/are you working on?

We had some some label events planned this year, but we are depending on the corona measures.

So for now, there is plenty of focus on the label itself.


NICKO///// EP “Cycle of Life” is out now on Deep House Belgium

Grab it here


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