Notable for his bubbling house tracks with memorable samples “lets get fucked up” and 80’s Spanish synth pop ‘Pantalon’. You can catch him touring worldwide where he continues to make music that, ‘people actually appreciate’. Catch Kornél Kovács playing at BIME 2018 this Autumn.
  1. Szikra
Kovàcs label, Studio Barnhus, apart of his trio with Axel Boman and Petter Nordkvist brought the soft and warm house crowd pleaser  ‘Szikra’ to the forefront. It hugs the dance floor with sleepy-smooth keys, noisy lo-fi break beats, squelchy pressed synths, and bouncy rhythms. In Slavic language the title translates to ‘spark’, which brought together a party-charged sample instructing ‘let’s get fucked up’. This mellow track sets the tone for the fuse to be ignited… sure to keep the momentum going.
  1. Pantalòn
From the Radio Koko EP comes a reworked 80s electro classic sampled from Ivan ‘Juenos De Papel’ (all over paper dreams). It seems the perfect lazy Sunday selection to throw back to to where indie dance meets nu-disco in a summery compilation of rifty cuts. Wait for the middle and this Nintendo-inspiring tune surprises you with a punchy breakdown which returns with Spanish up-beat vocals and twitchy keys. 
  1. Space Jam
The 2015 release of ‘Space Jam’ on Smallville Records came to the surface in deep waves. Its Looney Tunes nuance and basement grooves created a space where people could dance to an intergalactic dream. When you think of a rhythmic paradise watching supernovae stars exploding in and out of dark matter – This jam provides the space to dance to this electron destiny, an orbital interaction. 
  1. House is ok
This is definitely very okay
Kovács floor-filler was a return of jackin’ house and underground slogan to give the green light that it’s ok to be a freek on the dancefloor and enjoy the fresh and groovy nifty melodies of dance music. Its repetitive nature may appear as awkward but this in fact serves the test of its ability to catch feelings on the floor. The dozen remixes has proved this confirmation and continues to grow its fanbase from the Geminist Part 1 album.
  1. Gangsta
Released on Numbers label under the controversial EP of Radio Koko, Kovács brings something different to the table. His track ‘Gangsta’ evokes the beauty of dark piano keys in a somewhat gangsta hypnotism… This is deep house in a jazz-flecked composition, a dark and classy gangsta’s delight. 
  1. Dance… While The Record Spins
Studio Barnhus brings another house-warming track, once pressed play it sets the tone of a futuristic anthem. Kovács himself, online in reviews, quotes he wrote the tune with ‘snow, sun, speed, flying, freedom, nostalgia’ on his mind whether that is euphemisms for something more than nature’s drug alone. The track truly takes you into a realm of bliss deep into a state of ambient house. Its build up before the drop is reminiscent of Steve Lawler’s climax to House Record, both jackin’ house and body-popping tunes in their own rights.