How has 2019 been for you? What’s been good and bad about it?
In 2019 I had so many changes. I left 5uinto, a brand that I started in 2007 with a partner. We did more than 500 editions, brought more than 400 artists to Brasilia. It became a bar, a club, but afterall I decided to leave it and concentrate on my music. So I created I/U Music and have good feelings for next year.
What is the scene in brazil like now – healthy, vibrant, underground?
Healthy is a good term, because there’s many scenes here. I mean, the underground scene, the mainstream scene. Inside the “underground” there’s different movements. Clubs with big artists, hyped, hi-priced, and in the meantime there’s free parties, unknown names, new artists coming up. I think there’s people looking to have fun everywhere and electronic music is a popular music language nowadays. There’s music for all tastes!
Do you think politics and music should be kept separate or do we need to talk about these things?
I think it’s important, but particulary I’m discredited. I don’t believe in politicians. Money corrupts everything, and I can’t defend what I’m not totally secure with. 
What inspired your new EP on I/U music? What was the aim with it?
This release revisits my influences.”Axiomatic” and “Gimme Funk” represents my concept about electro. Electroclash and Electrofunk. I started I/U Music to release the music that I believe. So I think this is the aim: be true with my music taste and feeling.
You explore some of your earlier influences on this one. How so? Why is that? 
Is the music that touches me. I saw many changes in electronic music, but nothing makes more sense for me than what brought me to electronic music, you know? So that’s why I’m loyal with my influences.
How much have you learnt since then? What key lessons?
Is hard to sum up everything that I learnt in almost 20 years in the electronic music scene, but basically I think it is to respect the diversity and plurality of this music language.
What gear did you use, and where do you write your music?
I make my music in my bedroom. I moved to my house one year ago and fortunately the acoustics are great. I think my bed makes a good job, but basically I use Ableton Live, samples, lots of plugins, a Moog Sub37, a Roland VP-03 vocoder, some controllers, a microphone and that’s it! Good monitoring is essential, so I always compare the music from the speakers with from the headphones. Listening is the key to producing. 
What else is coming up?
Well, I have an EP to be released by DOC Records next month. It will be the first 2020 release of them. Gui Boratto is a great friend of mine and I’m glad that he believes in my music. I’m also making new connections (let’s see what happens) and, of course, if nobody else wants my music, I release them on my label! It’s important to reach people! 
What new years resolution will you make?
Oh, definitely to burn some calories in GYM, because my music production life-style is making me fat!
What would be your ideal way to spend NYE?
I would love to travel, but I have no plans for this NYE. In Brazil people are so superstitious with this date. I’m happy to stay with people that I care and have a good time.

Komka EP “Axiomatic” is out now on I/U Music. Get it here!