Klaudia Gawlas is a woman surely going places over the next while. Faze Magazine’s DJ of 2019, she continues to go from strength to strength, and is quickly earning a reputation outside of her native Germany. As a producer, she is fast emerging as one to watch too, just as credits for the likes of FORM Music and Redimension would suggest. With the coronavirus issue becoming a pandemic, we thought it a good idea to check in for a candid and honest chat with Klaudia. Here’s what went down… 

Where are you right now, what have you done today already?

I am at home like everybody else probably because of the Coronavirus. It’s just crazy what’s going on right now. Really spooky for me to see this is real. To be honest, today I started to clean my windows. Haha. I’ve spent the last few days in the studio and in my office, so now I have a lot of time, also to organise my home a bit. 

What scene did you grow up around in Poland? Did you start going to parties and record shops and stuff there from a young age?

Well I was in the age of 8 and a half when I left Poland with my mom, so I cannot say I had a scene around. I went to school and that’s it. I was just too young, but I’ve started to be interested in music because of a friend’s keyboard. Later in Germany at the age of 13 my aunt gave me a recording of a set from Jeff Mills. I was hooked right away and I think this is how it all started. Later I went to Berlin, was going out for raves, where I just enjoyed the beat so much and started to love techno. After school I went to USA for a one year stay and met some Hip Hop-guys and they actually teached me how to spin vinyls. That was funny. We also had a big record store in the city and I’ve spent a lot of time there. We became friends and I started to  play records with them. When I came back to Germany I knew exactly what I wanna do. I just kept on playing records.

How did you come to a dark techno sound? What drew you to it? 

We had a lot of good clubs in the south of Germany. Also I was young and there were many parties going on everywhere. My favourite Club was actually a very underground and dark one.

They booked all crazy DJs from around the world, so I was discovering everyone and I was visiting the club every weekend. Sometimes my friends and I were driving for hours just to see our favourite DJs. I fall in love with this kinda monotone rhythm and all those hidden sounds. Some people think nothing happens but when you start listening closer you will hear so many changes, dynamics, filters and whatever. I just don’t get tired listening to it and I love to create this music.

Are you a dark person, does your music reflect your personality?

Of course it reflects my personality but I wouldn’t say I am a dark person. I’ve experienced many things in my life, travelled the world also at a very young age so I think all my desires, my dreams and attitude is somewhere hidden in my music. I am a person with a lot of energy, also you can feel this in my sets. I try to transmit this energy to my audience. So I do it while I am playing what is pushing me then I get connected with the crowd and we push together the level even higher.

You started making beats aged 13 right? What were they like?

Something around that. I was in the 5th grade and had a bunch of games for a Commodore 64 at home. I’ve got it from an uncle.  But one disc was a special one in this whole box. It was a music production disc. It must have been a Fruity Loops Version. Probably it was one of the first ones. It was very simple, you could choose a sample, step it and that’s it. So I played around with this one. I always knew, I could do this for hours. But first I have never thought I could do this as a profession.

How have you evolved since emerging in 2013? Do you still have the same values?

I think yes! It’s all about how you have grown up and your Family and your surroundings. My friends, I know them for ages and also my family are still very important for me. So I try also to treat everyone with respect. Of course all that touring changes your life, but I am still thankful for my morning shower and I know where I come from. So it’s always important not to forget about that and being thankful for what you have. Even all the little things in life.

FAZE made you best DJ of 2019. Why do you think that is? Whats your style in the booth?

Faze mag is the biggest print media for electronic music in Germany and they are very present on big events. One day they had an announcement for a DJ contest. I also sent my tape to the office and they picked me to play at a big festival. I also was invited to a radio show and that’s actually where my journey started. A lot of people in Germany know me because of Faze mag and those festivals I’ve played, so my fanbase got bigger and bigger. I am very thankful for the support the Faze mag readers gave and still give me through the years.

What else have you got coming up/are you working on this year?

I have a lot of new tracks in the pipeline. So they want to be released soon and then I hope for a great festival summer. But at the moment I am a bit scared about the situation and what it could mean to the techno scene and all the events.

Has coronavirus started impacting you? What will you do if all gigs are cancelled?

Of course. I think now it starts to infect so many all over the world. I mean we are now about to be isolated for some days I guess and that’s the only way to keep it under control for a while. Some people didn’t really realise that this situation is really scary. We all need to stay at home and make this come to an end as soon as possible. I will try to use this time and keep on working but I miss the parties already.  This is what I love most. Being in the Clubs and Festivals. 

Keep up with Klaudia Gawlas on Facebook and Instagram. Klaudia Galwas plays Sea You Festival (18th + 19th July). Klaudia Gawlas’ Time Loop (ft. a remix by Julian Jeweil) is out now via FORM Music.