Spanish record label, District 47 returns with a new batch of releases.

The imprint had previously focused its output on label owner RawW, but this latest offering is from Khat.

Based in Spain, Khat has an eclectic style focused on techy percussion, deep atmosphere and modulating synth lines. His previous releases have come via labels ranging from Elrow to Bitten.

Khat’s two original tracks are titled “Red Lights” and “One Bar” while there is also a remix of Red Light by RawW.

Red Light has a stripped-back style with a thick bassline and gliding pads that are pushed forward by crisp claps and flowing high-end percussion. RawW’s remix of Red Light works in extra percussion while also thinning the bassline to add space for those extra parts.

RawW’s remix is a lighter version that’s a better fit with melodic house/techno, whereas the original version is most certainly deep techno.

One Bar is another deep techno track, this time focusing on the fizzing modulation or a jazzy lead synth. Its hypnotic groove is underpinned by a thumping kick drum and fused with thrashing ride cymbals.

You can pick up a copy HERE