Plump Records is all about being “fat positive, sex positive, queer positive, feminist and anti racist with a focus on centering underrepresented and marginalized voices.” These are all vital messages and importantly the music is just as vital, with label owners Kevin Knapp & Hutchtastic kicking it off. 

Mug Shot opens up with a filthy dirty bassline that is sleazy as you like. It has ghetto vox over the top and driving drums. What a tune. In My Face is a slipping house cut with more down and dirty bass and plenty of libidinous overtones that all make you wanna move. New Game is a high speed house groover with more great spoken word vocals that bring real meaning and a bubbly bassline to die for. Knapp goes it alone to close out the EP with a lush downtempo vibe that has electronic bass and drama vocal musings which send you off on a real soulful high. 


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