Ballroom Records and Transmit Recordings prolific techno producer, Kaiser Souzai enlightens us with his top 5 favourite tracks…
1. X Press 2 – Muzik Express
2001, witnessing X-Press 2 at Space Ibiza in the inside Discoteca Room playing this track was a mind shattering experience, the following day I ran in next records store in Ibiza downtown and got the vinyl. Those were the days man when Space was still Space and by far the best place for House and Techno music on the planet. No wonder Carl Cox wants to revive it.
2. Pig & Dan – Sandstorm 
This track “Sandstorm” from Pig& Dan from 2014 is still as fresh as it was on the first day of its release. When it comes to building a track and keeping the dancer
in that mystical mood it doesn’t come better than this. Highly original with that distinctive, Pig & Dan vibe.
3. Pryda – Madderferrys
When I play longer sets, like 4 hours and longer, you will sometimes still hear this one in my sets. Pryda is not the first name when you think of Techno, but it’s not a secret, that he is a top producer and his tracks always deliver. “Madderferries” I first heard on the Space Terrace Ibiza in 2007, it blew my mind, a slow builder with a simple arp is all that is needed to make this a masterpiece.
4. Radio Slave – Grindhouse (Dubfire Terror Planet Remix)
One Of the darker tech remixes that made it onto the House Floor, since it was even played by all House Dj’s back then. A masterpiece that inspired  a lot of producers and eventually led to the dark techno wave that was hitting the dance floors worldwide.
5. Jones & Stephenson – The First Rebirth
In 1993 Jones & Stephenson made the classic hardcore techno/hard trance record “The First Rebirth“, released on Bonzai Records. A classic that has inspired not only the dutch hardcore scene but all trance  and rave producers worldwide. To honour this track I made a remake on Ballroom Records some years back, which I still play. Long live the Rave!
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