Julien Earle is an American techno producer whose new release is out now via his own record label Reflection.

Well-known for his releases on other record labels including Spektre’s Respekt, UMEK’s 1605 and Ramon Tapia’s Say What?, Julien Earle’s tracks are popular with some of the world’s leading DJs, and his music is often charted inside Beatport’s bestselling tracks.

This latest release by Julien Earle is a single called “Close Your Eyes” and it’s a top-class production with explosive energy and an intense breakdown.

Close Your Eyes takes its title from the namesake vocal sample, but its defining element is the old-school synth stabs. It has a short moment of euphoria in the breakdown section before the introduction of a throbbing bassline that lifts the track up a gear.

It’s a rollercoaster ride of a track that will have people screaming with excitement at every twist and turn along the way.

You can get the release HERE.