Julian Wassermann is in fine form across the new tunes he serve up here for the second RX Recordings release. Procombo, Kemal Vatansever and Mehmet Özbek then add their own spins to bolster and already kicking EP. 
Metrik is opens proceedings with space age chords and bright, shiny chords and Metrik (Kemal Vatansever Remix) goes deeper, with hammering hits and stripped back grooves all keeping you in the zone. Metrik (Mehmet Özbek Remix) keeps you in a state of hypnosis with its shuffling drums and rising chords, late night energy and future vibes.
Topo is another out there jam with a busy, spaced out techno vibe that rides on screen pads and succulent drums. Procombo remixes with more chattery claps and dark energy as well as a spangled bassline to take it deep and closes out a forward facing EP packed with great detail.