Juicebox Music hits release number 27 in real style with a new EP from Nichols, who is a producer who often works with Matt Turner and has played plenty of Carl Cox parties. His sound is big, dark and driving and he serves up four more essential tunes here. 
Timeslide is a warm, atmospheric roller that will get you on your toes as synths slowly awaken and bring plenty of colour to the grooves. Harlequin is then a little darker with more edgy feelings and wiry synth sounds making it an alien affair, while Nascent State has drums that swing that bit more, and neon chords lighting up the skies as percussion helps oil the groove. Last of all, The Stand rumbles along with fat drums, dry hits and a menacing bassline that will draw in the dancers and keep them locked. It closes out a fine EP. 
Order – https://www.beatport.com/release/nascent-state/2319231