Hey John, what’s good and bad in your world right now?


Good… I’m currently in the beautiful Cadaques, Spain, spending some down time with friends and family


Bad…  hayfever 🙂

What’s it like living in London as an artist? Is the expense worth the community and creative vibe, do you feel?

London is pricey, there is no doubt about that! The classic studio/creative hub is something I haven’t found here. A part of me envies this type of creative community, but I am fortunate to have a great personal studio space which gives me all the creative spark I need here in London. The friends I collaborate with who produce in london are scattered around the city, so we travel to each others’ respective places. Although we may not be sharing the same building, there is still a great flow of creative ideas amongst the London producers.

What would you say is your signature sound? What are the vibes you like to convey as a producer?

I latch onto sounds with emotion, that tell a story by themselves. I try to create moments that squeeze the listener to a point. High energy, serotonin inducing, honest vibes. I want a feeling of being present in the moment.

And are they the same as a DJ?

Similar yes… but more revolving around finding songs from other producers that have similar intentions and emotions. When you’re writing music constantly, you get attached to certain sounds/styles, and connecting with other artists who share that mindset is the process that guides my sets.

You also have a live show right? How different does that sound to you as a DJ?

I do, yes! My live show is solely my productions. It’s a great outlet for me to create a completely organic show – 100% John Monkman. My current live set is quite rigid, I have structured moments that I work around, with a bit of room for improv when it’s needed.


You just released a remix on Drumcode, right—how did that come about?


Yeah, interesting how these things unfold… Adam reached out earlier this year asking if I’d like to take on the task of remixing Space Date, which I was delighted to oblige. A year ago I would never have thought I’d be on Drumcode! I’ve been very lucky to work with some of the best labels in the business, but this one is extra special for me.



Did you write it with the sound of the label in mind, those chunky, rolling, techno drums?


When I was chatting with Adam he mentioned that Pleasurekraft was doing the other remix. PK has a massive sound and I knew they would do something big and to the point (which they did..its massive!). Adam suggested I take a slightly more leftfield approach. This was quite refreshing, as it felt like I had pure creative freedom to go to town. With regard to the drums/percussion this is Drumcode so knew it had to deliver. I knew Adam was keen on my recent release on Ellum, ‘Tune In Turn On’…. I followed a similar creative process and am thrilled with where it ended up.

What’s it like remixing a track by Green Velvet? Do you feel pressure? Are there rules on what you can and can’t do?

Big pressure! I don’t take on remixes lightly, especially when it comes to remixing existing dance tracks.I always feel a bit of heat with remixes, no matter the original artist. Taking someone else’s music and altering can be a tricky process. You always want to pay respect to the track, while ensuring you’re adding a personal touch.

If there’s a clear vocal concept to work with, life is a lot easier. Green Velvet is an absolute pro and his vocal is unique and of the highest order…you only wanna remix music of the highest calibre, and this fit that bill.

Tell us about your own label Beesemyer – what’s the vibe, what’s the sound, what are your goals with it?

From the start, I didn’t want it to be solely a ‘dance’ label. Of course, its rooted in electronic music, however doesn’t necessarily need to be for a dancefloor – its a home for heady electronica, textured and meaningful electronic music.


We’ve seen slow and steady growth! We’re looking at doing a label event soon, stay tuned!


What else have you got coming up over the summer you’d like to let our readers know about?


A few big months ahead! I have an Anjunadeep EP coming in August. Pete Tong and I have another collab in the works also. I’m starting a new remix for Anaphase which will be part of their new EP on Beesemyer coming out in September.. On the live side of things, I’ll be at Noisily Festival in the UK again this year. It’s always one of my best weekends of the year.


John’s remix of Space Date is out on Drumcode now

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