Visions is a nine-track mixed artist compilation from Jacob Groening’s record label, Kamai Music.

Kamai Music is a record label curated and run by Jacob Groening who is a German DJ and producer whose organic house style is a mix of deep atmosphere and captivating melodies.

This release is very much an extension of Jacob Groening’s own music taste and it intertwines flowing percussion with majestic synth lines, which transport the listener to desert landscapes and tropical climates.

Featuring on the release is a mix of talent including some established names like Namito, SAVAGE & SHē and Amentia, but there are also some up-and-coming artists like Farry, Stephen Herschel and Bakean.

Stephen Herschel is making is his first ever release with the track on this compilation and there is also a return to Kamai Music by the German duo, Kon Faber.

The tracks have been ordered in a way that the release has a nice flow with both peaks and troughs, but all of the individual tracks are also DJ-friendly pieces of music that are designed to work on a dance floor.

Amentia’s track “Starlight” is one that stands out as a nice DJ tool due to its building energy and uplifting moods that is perfect for dancing to. It has a nice funk and summer vibe that will no doubt find its way into lots of DJ sets.

Namito’s track will probably be what people listen to first, as he is perhaps the most recognisable of the artists. He is well-known for his contributions to labels like Sol Selectas and his techy track “Sensitive Robot” has a mid-range tempo with a cosmic vibe.

There are lots of gems to uncover and it seems likely that lots of people will find it easier to buy the whole release instead of trying to pick a favourite track.

You can buy a copy HERE