Timefades” is the new album by Jacob Groening who delivers a rather splendid release orientated around indie dance.

Jacob Groening is a DJ and producer from Germany whose international popularity has seen him booked for shows in far-flung countries like India and Brazil. He is also a staple within Berlin’s underground scene, where he regularly plays DJ sets at places like Kater Blau.

This album shows a deeper and more intimate side to Jacob Groening’s music production, as although there is still a DJ friendly element, it seems the tracks have been made with home listening also in mind.

Lots of the tracks on the release have brooding vocals that create dark undertones contrasting with the uplifting melodies of the synths. There are also electric guitar chords that give the album a subtle ‘80s rock influence.

The album opens with its title track, which sets the scene with dreamy synths and softly sung vocals.  “Gemini” is next, and it has a chugging groove with a throbbing bassline and psychedelic guitar chords.

Track three, “Reset” is a synth focused cut that has an extended intro building into a melodic groove with epic synths, then “Ready to Fall” reintroduces the vocals along with bluesy guitar chords.

Traces” is another dub cut, and it’s got a trippy sound that’s full of intricate melody, then “Vermona” continues to keep the focus on the synths with the granularity of its disbursing sound design.

Myme” is a warm and radiant track that has swelling synth chords and upbeat percussion, then “Lisbon” brings the album to a close with an uplifting vibe.

The album is out now via Jacob Groening’s Kamai Music, and you can buy a copy HERE.