Superfiction Recordings’ next release is an Italoboyz vs Blind Minded special that features two top new tunes and two fine remixes, one from Sakro and one from the legendary DJ W!ld.


Ella Svarion is first up and is a dark, driving track that takes you deep into the night. It’s crisp but moody and filled with increasingly wild synths as it unfolds. Chimba then gets more playful, with bouncy house drums booming down low and clipped hits bringing a sense of off kilter cool. Ella Svarion is the one to get remixed by Sakro, and is a bumping house cut with plenty of classic vibes in it as a result. Warm chords heat it though and it will keep kids dancing for days. Then up steps the French master, DJ W!ld, and he keeps the classy deep house vibe strong with his smooth, rolling number complete with smeared pads and dreamy vocals. All in all an essential package. 


Grab it here