ITAI is an American artist whose music is a magical blend of organic and electronic sounds. He is a DJ and live artist whose music ranges from melodic house to downtempo electronica, and this new release is upbeat organic house with a Latin influence.

Inspired by trips to North America, “Speedy Gonzales” has a tongue-in-cheek title that references the track’s Mexican origins. Blending the sound of a mariachi band with sequenced drum patterns and a synthesiser bassline, this track has a feel-good vibe that warms the soul while also getting the dance floor moving.

Speedy Gonzales is taken from the Unfinished series that ITAI has been releasing via his own imprint The Teddy Bear Lounge. Unfinished is a storytelling project where each release is a chapter in an overarching tale of musical adventure.

Not only is ITAI a talented electronic music producer, but he is also a skilled musician whose instrument of choice is the saxophone. This gives his tracks a live feel with flowing energy, and after a percussive intro, Speedy Gonzales takes flight with flamenco-style guitars and pan-pipes. It also has whistles and chants that give it a carnival vibe, and this track would be well placed in various DJ sets.

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