It’s been a weird 12 months for everyone but that hasn’t slowed down Ukranian born, Moscow based artist KRIVDA. He has a long career going back 20 plus years and has made everything from IDM to bass to pop with huge Russian stars. He now deals in stylish techno as his latest EP Heavens Tears proves. While that tune on MAGNESIA Records continues to do big numbers we ask him about his creative process, working in the commercial world and about being a mixing coach at Moscow art school. 
How are you, how has the last year of pandemic been for you?
Hello guys! What a strange year! A couple of years ago I would have been believed more in the aliens invasion than in the fact that we were forbidden to travel and dance in clubs.
It was the most difficult year in my life for now. Every part of my life and business should have changed. I have come a long way from panic, frustration, depression to revaluation of values and transformation of myself and my music.
And one of results of those transformations is “Heaven’s Tears” EP and forthcoming single “Polynesia/Indeed”.
what got you into dance music in the first place? why does it excite you?
First of all, dance music for me is a modern form of primeval rituals of ancient civilisation. The same rhythm, vibe and goal. Because the main goal of it is to immerse people in the same state and feeling. Thats why people still gather in large groups to dance together. So no matter where am I – in studio or on dj-place – I’m trying to plunge people into a state of unity.
whats your style, your vibe, your signature – what most important to you when making music?
3 the most important things in music for me – idea, groove and quality of sound. I am experienced sound engineer so quality for me is very important. We know a lot of hits which mixed bad. It means that good song will find a place in hearts of people even it sounds not good. But in our times you have no right to let your track sounds bad. 
What it like politically and socially being a Ukrainian in Russia?!
I am a citizen of the World. And music has no boundaries for me. Of course I have opinion about troubles between our countries. But I am not a politic or diplomat to talk about that. A lot of shit flowing from TV and social media in both countries so sometimes its hard to take a control on yourself while talking about it. I am Ukrainian guy living in Moscow, talking to you in English. And I speak the one and only international language – music! Any person on the planet Earth will understand this language.
How has your sound and taste evolved over the last 20 years?
Like most of my peers I was a rapper in youth))  Old school beats, breakdance, graffiti, scratching – it was a wonderful culture. Young and cocky!  But protest inside me grew and I opened metal music for myself. The most technically difficult genre. I played it on guitar in the band, but then I found math core! Jazz, jungle, electronics, maths, metal, rage – all in one genre! There was born my interest to electronic music. It were times of IDM and I started to make my first tunes on computer. It was interesting to write or listen to, but for me it was hard to dance. So difficult rhythms! And then I started to visit dubstep parties. What a sound!! It changed me for a rest of my life. After that I stopped to play in band and focused on electronic production. Then dubstep transformed to bass music and it erased all of rules in my head. I understood that genre affiliation doesn’t matter anymore. There are only idea and sense which you want to represent in music. So for me today its no matter what genre it is – beats, dance, soundscapes, orchestral – the only significance matters.
What have been the key lessons you have learnt along the way?
It was a long way in music but one important habit I learned – never take your instrument or work in studio without specific understanding of what you want to do! Without it you will ruin your unfinished work. It’s not about inspiration. Its about control.
What’s the thing or tune you are most proud of in that time?
The tune I’m most proud of is not written yet) I will really proud of my work when it change someone’s life, fix some cultural or social trouble. Now it’s only about pleasure seeing how people dance and inspiring.
What else have you got coming up/are you working on?
Now I’m finishing my forthcoming single and stashing materials for album which will open to you my wider and deeper musical side.
is it weird dance writing music when we still don’t know when clubs will return?
Absolutely no! First of all – you will need a lot of fresh music to dance when events will be back) Before lockdown I wrote music basically for dance floors. But pandemic times helped me to focus more on emotional part of songs. That why Heaven’s Tears was born. It was a peak of nostalgia for happy times of freedom. 10 months of lockdown have passed and you still don’t know when it will end. This feelings I translated into music. From the first note I knew that it will be a song with vocals. And I felt that it must be Arthur Gaspar (GASART). He felt the message of song and completed this sound canvas with his brilliant voice.
Finally when will events be back, and how different will they be than before?
I’m not a predictor but I’m sure that in summer 2021 we will dance like never before! People are so hungry for parties so the first official day after lockdown will be huge international party. Djs will play more responsible because all of us understood how fast can change the world. 
So take care about your health and save the rave!
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