Julio Cruz is an emerging German DJ./producer who’s beginning too find his feet if his latest split collab for Turkish label Petra Digital is any indication. A house head with a sound that’s rooted in both modern techniques and vintage sounds, his two efforts on show give an intriguing insight into a producer we reckon we’ll be hearing much more from over the next while. Besides this, he’s on the right label: Petra Digital has long been a place that’s fostered great talent. Here, we put some questions to him to discuss the release, the lockdown, his plans for when this is all over and much more…

How did you guys first meet and why start working together?

– The connection was made through the label and we both liked each other‘s sound, so the release was planned as a split EP.

Why does it work? Is it opposites attract or are you very similar?

– I think our styles are a bit different but we have some common ground in underground music aesthetics.

What is the sound of your respective home cities – Cologne and Leipzig? Are you products of those cities?

– For me it‘s the sound of my favorite record store – Groove Attack in Cologne. They bring a lot of different soulful flavours in and really shaped my taste in music. Apart from that you can find anything in the clubs and bars here.

How has lockdown affected you? Where are you? What have you been doing?

– I think everyone is affected and a lot of people having a really hard time, but I don‘t feel like being in a bad situation personally. I am planning the next releases for my label „Hen & Goose“ and try to evolve musically and personally every day.

Have you been able to be creative and still make music without the inspiration of playing gigs?

– I don‘t feel any changes in my production process from this situation so far, but i really miss playing out.

Tell us about the new one on Petra – how did you link with them?

– Eren from the label got in touch with me online and asked for demos – he liked what i‘ve sent him and proposed the split EP which I think was a cool idea.

What influenced or inspired the tunes you made for them?

– Those tracks are a mixture of sounds I like to play out in bars and stuff I‘d like to hear in clubs more often..

What will be the first thing you do post lockdown?

– I am going to see my family and spent some time with my friends here in Cologne…

What else have you got coming up/are your hopes and dreams for the future?

– There is a solo EP coming out soon on Random Mind State and I am really looking forward to the next Hen & Goose releases. Also, there are some other records in progress, coming out later this year so stay tuned for more info on these!

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