With a year full of musical projects and a brand new track out, Mission Apollo,  The Advocate has joined us in a short conversation to catch us up on what he has been up to in the past year and what to expect from him in the following period. 

Mission Apollo by The Advocate is available now: https://lnk.to/skybar1  

Hello, tell us who you are and what you have been doing this Summer!

Hi everyone, this summer, just like any other summer, I was all into music, creating new stuff and doing other things related to the Skybar club and musical career or pretty much any artist. Personally I will long remember this summer due to the launch of a new label, Skybar Records, and the fact that my newest release, Mission: Apollo, so far my favorite one, is finally out – th

Watch the official music video for ‘Mission: Apollo

Have you performed any shows recently, how have they been?

Sure, I’ve done a lot of gigs because Ukraine has already allowed hosting events, just as most parts of Europe have, so there’ve been plenty of such gigs at various venues across Ukraine and Europe as well. But mostly, of course it was Ukraine. As an artist, I offer most of my time to my favorite and Ukraine’s most popular Skybar club. 

You are a Ukrainian artist and DJ, there are many great acts from there, including ARTBAT. Your sounds are both very melodic and progressive. Where did you get your inspiration?

I get my inspiration from the crowd, from people for whom I perform at clubs, who play my music, who share their impression with me, giving me their feedback when they hear my work, see me perform live. Anyway, all that we, artists, do is for our audiences. It’s all for our fans. 

You are the host of Skybar in Ukraine. Tell us about how you began to run this establishment.

When you love music like I do, when you love nightlife so much, it sometimes so happens that you become part of this nightlife. This is exactly the way I became Skybar’s co-owner.

What are the most fun nights you have had at the venue, and what guests were invited?

Every night at Skybar is unforgettable, to which our guests can testify – I’m sure. But perhaps the brightest nights were – and still are – some events timed with certain memorable dates, as well as those involving performances of some high-profile artists. These are truly unforgettable, rallying the largest crowds and boasting of the best feedback and top emotional flows. One of the latest such gigs Skybar hosted was the one by WhoMadeWho.  

How important are residents and local artists performing at Skybar?

They are all certainly important. We value them and they value us, too. It’s mutual. They set the tone to the rhythm and genre of electronic music that people associate with Skybar.

Please share one of your favourite and most inspiring tracks, why is it inspiring?

Oh, this isn’t an easy one. The thing is that inspiration from some tracks may come and then vanish, especially when something new comes out and that new stuff just sounds better. But probably the track that lingers and will forever remain for me one of the most powerful and inspiring ones is “Uplift” by ARTBAT and Rafael Cerato. Also, I’d name “Solitary Daze” by Maceo Plex.


What other projects do you have on the horizon you can share with us

The best I can offer is my music, and I’m now working on new tracks, new releases. I hope at least one of them will be out before year-end.

Of course we will be further developing our Skybar Records label, of which we hope the entire planet will hear, and our Skybar club, of which the planet is already aware.

What was the last record you purchased?

It was a track called “Waiting” by my friend Spada. Also, I of course pre-ordered a track called “Flame” by ARTBAT which will be out very soon.