Leading from the front with Profound Sound is Melchior Sultana, deep house producer from Malta. His latest trip is something special featuring Janelle Polo, and a classy remix from the legendary, Jus Ed. A multi instrumentalist with music in his heart Melchior paves his way with clean cut grooves and feel good sounds.

This is what went down when we recently caught up with Melchior Sultana…

Hi Melchior, thanks for chatting to us today.

My Pleasure.

Being native Maltese, would you say the culture that surrounds you influences your sound?

Definitly, music is an art and if it’s used with honest intention it becomes one’s reflection of themselves. Making music that captures a mediterranean vibe is tricky at this point in time as labels such as chill out or lounge appear like mosquitos during a nice summer night putting the value and great effort of a lot of artists being put and considered as background music. Music is more than a genre, it’s time to think beauty instead of category.

Your forthcoming Profound Sounds EP features Janelle Pulo, how did you guys meet? can you tell us a little bit about the process?

Janelle is my girlfriend and we met through our passion and love for music. She was fascinated by what I did and I couldn’t believe there was a girl in Malta who had this appreciation for music. Being a musician herself we found ourself working on tracks together a lot, whether it’s her or my studio. Profound Sound was one track I liked in particular that I was going to release as part of an album but then I felt it would make more sense to have it as a main track on a e.p with Janelle.

How did the remix from Jus Ed come around? How does it feel to have your music remixed by such a legend of the industry?

Jus Ed is a very important figure in both my musical and personal life. He has been one of the very few I truly trust and consider a friend apart from the huge respect I have for him as an artist so this was the perfect opportunity to ask him for a remix and make this record even more special.

Your are a multi instrumentalist, what instruments can you play? Have you always been playing music?

Yes, I play guitar, piano, bass, drums and I have always been making music from early on. My drive is to create so I don’t look at the guitar for example and say ok i’m a guitarist, I look at myself as a composer or producer and all the instruments are a extension of my feelings.

Can you describe your sound in three words?

From the soul.

What else do you have lined up for the year?

A lot of projects both solo and with other artists like Owen Jay and my band but the focus has been shifted on my label and that is where the energy is going.

Last of all, what is your favourite record of all time?

Too much to mention but a record that I really consider a classic for me it’s ‘Rasoul’s Let Me Love You’.

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