Ahead of their debut release on Erase Records, Panfil & Rubh introduce themselves on Sweet Music.

Hey guys, how’s life in Chicago?

Hi, life in Chicago is great!  It has everything anyone could possibly want to do and eat! We are approaching summer, which is by far the best time in Chicago.

Tell us a bit about your past music experience and what led you to create ‘Panfil & Rubh’.

To keep a long story short. In the late 2000’s we were in a DJ trio named Dreamst8.  We held residencies in Chicago’s popular nightclubs including Vision and Enclave, opening for acts like: Morgan Page, Cosmic Gate, Mogui, ATB and The Crystal Method just to name a few. We ended up each going our own way after about 6 years together.

This takes us to the present day. The two of us live down the street from each other and during the pandemic in 2020 while in lockdown, we decided to give it another shot and that’s where Panfil and Rubh was created.

How would you describe your sound as a duo?

We like to think it can be best described as Deep Techy grooves, with elements influenced by Progressive House. 

You debut with a 2 track EP on Erase Records, how did you approach these tracks?

Surrender: We wanted to do a house influenced track, but with a little twist. 

Vibe Strong: We love Acid sound, and wanted to find a way to incorporate it in a track. However, we used it as a Stab instead of a traditional Acid pattern.

Have you developed a system when working on a track together, or do you just bounce ideas off each other?

We usually take time to create a bunch of 16 bar loops. We then take a little break from listening to them, and come back with fresh ears and pick out what we feel is the best and strongest idea.

How exciting is it to begin your new journey?

It’s still very early, but we are thrilled from all of the positive feedback we are receiving so far on our productions. We are using this excitement to motivate us and putting that energy into our new tracks.

Have you set any targets you hope to achieve in the near future?

Honestly, we just love making music and whatever may come out of it, is icing on the cake.

How do you both spend your downtime outside of the studio?

Kyle (Panfil): I love to spend my summer days outside golfing as well as going to as many Chicago Cub baseball games as I can get to.

Dimitry (Dima Rubh): Between work and music, I don’t really have much free time. However, once in a while I try to catch a football game.

What else is coming up from you both in the near future?

Our next scheduled release is June 27th on Strictly Records called “Body and Soul”.

Purchase Panfil & Rubh ‘Vibe Strong’ EP (Erase Records) HERE