Can you tell us about your journey into dance music? What got you hooked? When did you realise it was the career path you wanted to go down?
For dance music, it all began with my older sister, back in the days she used to make me listen to dance compilations when playing together. I remember tape recording radio shows like Switch from Studio Brussel (Fuse was on air) when digging! 
That was before I got onto the internet. Music is all about enjoyment and creation. I’ve always been in love with music simply by the fact there’s no boundaries in terms of composition. Sharing and discovering is a part of the journey. When you play in a club you share your vibe and your musical universe and that’s all that  it should be.

When was the last time you were stunned, impressed, surprised by music and what was the context?
Definitely that set by Jakob (Crevette Records) at Dana Kuehr’s bday party.
It was a private party with a friendly lineup. Jakob was on fire playing quality underground music but none of the tracks he played were familiar. And that’s why music is unlimited, you can dig for 20 years and still get lost and impressed.

What defines your own music, what is your sonic signature?
My sound is aquatic, round, mellow, sweet and loud. I like deep synths textures, rough 909 kicks, sharp 606 hats, Bubble Fm synth blips, grooving 303 bass lines, distorted 808 claps.. 

Tell us about your new EP. What was the inspiration for it and how did you link up with Latence?
I’ve known Celas for several years now, he told me about his new imprint and asked for tracks so I sent it and it worked apparently! For this track my main inspiration was the atmosphere of a beach or pool party (I made it during the first lockdown, hopefully it worked?!)

What gear did you use and does that matter to you? 
I do like hardware and I do think it sounds better then digital plugins but it all depends on one’s ears and skills. There are no rules to do what you want! For this track I uses mostly samples, the chord is from my Roland System 1m, the kick is a Jomox M-base 11, the shaker is a homemade recording and voila! 

Have you been able to play it out and see how crowds react?
First time I played it was at Paradise City Festival last year, my first festival gig after the pandemic. The crowd was super nice and I really enjoyed to play it! 

What do you love about the music industry, and what is one thing that you would like to change?

I hate the music industry and everything the EDM/Techno business stand for.
If I can change something about it? Nope and I don’t give a f*ck.
Who would be your dream collaboration?
Too many! Just to name a few. Aphex Twin, Autechre, Squarepusher, Omar S, Kerry Chandler, Cinthie, Mary Yalex, Cesaria Evora (rip 😭)
What is next, what else you working on?
I am creating my own label and a new alias called: Brandom. 
Can’t tell you more for now but stay tuned!
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