Hey Amour Propre, welcome to Sweet Music! What was summer like for you guys?

Hello! Thanks a lot for having us here it’s such an honour. Summer was really great, we had the chance to play in amazing places in France and Europe, the experience was crazy.

Tell us about growing up and getting into dance music – why did you love it?

We have been fans of dance and electronic music for a long time now. We grew up inspired by the French touch and amazing artists such as the Daft Punk, Justice but also other genres with Solomun, David August, Nicolas Jaar… We really love the freedom this kind of music brings us. We feel like we have no limits in our creation.

When did you first meet, why did you decide to work together?

We met nearly two years ago in Paris. We directly decided to work together because we love the same kind of music, and we had the same artistic vision.

Why does it work? what makes it a successful partnership?

We think that we are a very complementary duo, whether it is on the production side, gigs or any other aspect. We compose particularly well together and share the same passion in life. We really think that the key in the success of a duo is the completeness of the two artists.

Who does what, did you each take care of certain parts of the music?

Clément comes from a more instrumentalist approach while Sami is more of a “studio guy”. We have the chance to live near each other, so we are working a lot together in the studio. Even though we have our specialisation we both love to take part of the whole creating process.

How long have you produced together, who does what, do you each have your own sound?

We immediately started to produce together since we first met! We really created this project from scratch, so we had the opportunity to design our sounds together. As we said, we also have different inspiration, so we love to merge our style when creating in order to make our music as fresh as possible.

How do you work, do you have an idea in your head you work towards, or do you just experiment and jam and see what happens?

It really depends on the track and our mood! Sometimes, we love to just jam on the piano or the guitar and see what happens and sometimes we like to create a drum loop and start constructing the music around that. Inspiration can come from anywhere, a little catchy melody, a chord progression, a voice… So we love to be as free as possible.

Are you formally trained? or do you just experiment to find the melodies you want?

Yes, we both have a musical education. Clement has been playing guitar and piano for over 10 years now and Sami has also been practicing Piano for many years.

Tell us about your upcoming Wait For Me EP on My Other Side Of The Moon – what inspired or influenced it, and where, when and who was it written for?

We are very enthusiast and happy to share this EP with MOS team and amazing artists such as DSF and Stephane Salerno. This EP emerged with the song wait for me. We were actually not at the same place when this song was born. Clément found a lovely chord progression and sent it directly to Sami. When we get back together, we were so excited to finish it that we produced for many hours without seeing the time go by. We are glad DSF and Stephane brought their approach on this special song and make it sound incredibly well. Concerning the other track Mystic Tribe, we wanted to have a more “club” track, but we wanted to keep the organic vibe and vocal we had in this EP. We love the way this track ended, and we really enjoy playing it in our gigs!

What else have you got coming up/are you working on?

We have so many projects coming we can’t wait! We are releasing our next track on DeepRoot records in the next months with an exclusive remix from Enoo Napa. Also, we are working hard on a Hybrid Set to make our gigs more unique! We are looking forward to playing it live.

Thanks a lot for having us we really love your work! : )

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