In what has been a strange year for the masses we recently found some closure within the latest body of work from Turkish producer Gadi Mitrani. His “Lies” EP is another versatile showcase of his sound, a sound he uses to address pressing matters of modern times, and has begun to use his own vocals to voice his opinion and thoughts on these issues. We were lucky enough to catch up with him before Christmas and discuss the story and themes behind the EP, his favourite track of the year and much much more…
How has 2021 been for you? What positives have you taken from these recent times? 
 I can’t complain. Much better than 2020, especially summer was pretty awesome, and thank god no health issues with my loved ones.
To round off the year you have your fantastic “Lies” EP, tell us a little about the story/meaning behind the EP? How did you come up with the lyrics? 
I don’t know why, but I love to write lyrics about important issues. 

I wrote a track about global warming before “Out of Time” And this time the news and media and all the fake people on socials were disturbing me a lot, so I decided to write about that. “LIES” message is to the fake news, media, and all the lies we hear and see everywhere.
Would you like to see more modern electronic music with meaningful vocals? Why? 
Yes, why not and I guess you are talking about dance music, Because so many bands like, Radiohead, Depeche Mode, doing electronic music with meaningful vocals. 

But for me it is an improvisation of making music or trying different and new things at the studio and write about how I feel about the world.
Where did you draw inspiration from for the EP? 
Tom Pandzic from Balance wanted me to do a Balance Series Podcast. Balance has been a big inspiration for my music. So I wanted to do an exclusive mix. I wanted to do a mix compilation rather than a regular radio guest mix. First, I started to write some intros for the mix and then chose a couple of mellow electronica tracks. The mix needed something exclusive especially at the beginning, so I decided to do an experimental electronica track and produced “Never”. I guess the inspiration comes from the one and only Thom Yorke’s Eraser album. Big fan of his music, and when the label wrote a love child of Thom Yorke on the release notes. That made me proud. 🙂 
Then for the 30th minute of the mix, I wanted to play some mellow electronica track with emotional vocals, kind of WhoMadeWho tracks; but I did not want to play something well known so I decided to do a new track.
I wanted to do something I never did before as a genre and wanted to go out of my comfort zone.
 I first started to write the melodies and the beats later, then I started to mumble to the song, and then the lyrics came after.

We recorded the track and vocals at a professional studio VirusSounds Studios in Istanbul with my good friend Umit Kuzer who also did the mix. 

Altay Oktar who has an amazing voice and back vocalist of some famous Turkish pop stars did the back vocals and coached me how to sing during my studio sessions.

That is how “LIES” came to life.
What can we expect from you next year? 
I have a couple of new releases, coming from Be Adult, the Soundgarden with Erdi Irmak, and my label Love and Above.
Last of all, one of your favorite tracks from 2021…
 Who Made Who – Simbad (Original Mix)

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