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INCOMING : Rees – Erimus #ZoneFocus

Taking us on a journey of neo-nostalgia for ZF003 is Northern UK artist REES. Over the past year, he has taken steps in sculpting his own distinct Italo-disco-esque style, taking influence from both his eclectic record collection and extensive touring experiences. The Panoramic Love EP is the culmination of those factors, making a nod to the 80s with a heavy focus on synths and drum workouts.

“This was an entertaining EP to make, the majority was me sitting down in my studio hitting record and jamming until something sat right. There wasn’t a huge amount of gear involved just an Arturia Keylab MIDI keyboard, my VSTs and the occasional Roland TR-8” – REES

Locking us into the dance floor right from the start is the EP’s title track, Panoramic Love is a melody-filled electric stunner. Rising arpeggios and extended stabs are what keeps this track on a high-octane energy level. Erimus offers up a piano-led affair, slower but no less emotionally stirring once it reaches its crescendo in the second act. Heading into a more playful territory, Dorman Long delights listeners with bright synth leads, perfect for sun-drenched days. Closing out the release is A66, a melancholic yet hopeful cinematic sonic trek designed to keep feet moving until the morning comes.

Release date : 2020-07-03

Buy : hyperurl.co/zejdwu

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