Ian Carpenter is one of his country’s best and most exciting new artists. He has previously worked under the Katty Smyle alias, where he was announced as the Italian winner of the Burn Residency contest in 2015. A regular at some of his country’s biggest electronic music festivals such as Nameless, he has also played alongside luminaries of the scene such as Fritz Kalkbrenner. Under his more recently adopted moniker, Ian Carpenter, he was the winner of the Billboard Italia Next contest, has played at the likes of Movement Festival Turin and Kappa Futur Festival and at Ibiza’s DJ Awards. On a production level, he’s also appeared on the likes of John Digweed’s Bedrock alongside Philipp Straub. At an exciting juncture in this producer’s life, we decided to put some Qs to him… 

What are your hopes and dreams for 2021?

Hello! Ian carpenter here, I hope with all my heart that this pandemic finally comes to an end. This year I would like to have the opportunity to meet and collaborate with new artists and start the new year with the release of my new ep.

How did you deal with the pandemic? What did you learn about yourself? 

Honestly it was very hard, this situation forced us to make important changes in daily and working life. The only good thing was to totally focus on my music with no distractions. The negative aspect that struck me most was the social detachment and the absence of events, through which I had the opportunity to share my music, in a party atmosphere

What made you start a new alias? Does this represent a new sound for you?

My old alias “Katty Smyle” marked an era of first experiences. I explored the world of techno with a boy’s eyes and I approached it by making my first experiences. Ian Carpenter was born from the unripe Katty Smyle.

What inspires or influences the new alias?

The new alias represents my more “mature” style after years of study and experience.

Did writing this new EP during the pandemic year change how it sounded do you think?

From a certain point of view it could be, due to the more accurate study of the sounds having much more time available.

What do you see as the future of the Italian scene. Can it recover from here?

For my character, I always try to be positive, so I hope with all my heart that the Italian scene can recover, indeed get up stronger than before.

We believe you’re doing a stream soon from Mt.Etna. Can you tell me a bit about that one?

Yes, it’s in my next plans. The Etna volcano is a precious symbol of our land, and I admire its majesty. For this reason, I thought it would be a perfect background for the realization of a liveset immersed in nature, to bring out the best of the sounds of melodic techno.

Did you write the latest release with a certain audience, club or time to listen to it in mind?

Yes, I conceived this project with the aim of reaching an audience of any age, who like this techno-melodic genre, which perfectly matches the sounds of nature and with the peace that it infuses.

Did you approach it any differently from previous eps and lps?

I can say that I have put more effort into researching sounds due to the long time available, refining my production techniques and the search for ideal sounds.

How important is the sequencing of the record and the overall story to you? How hard is that bit to get right?

The sequences of the record are fundamental for me, I always follow a timeline. At the beginning it was also very difficult for me to follow a precise pattern, but gradually with the experience it became more intuitive and natural. The history of music is very important and reminds us of where we started and how far we have arrived.

What track do you think best sums up the ian carpenter sound? And can you tell us a bit about your influences?

Without a doubt my penultimate Eclipse production, released in Philipp Straub’s ep Theia on Bedrock Records represents my essence. I was inspired by artists like Stephan Bodzin and Adam Beyer, who helped me find my own style.

What else have you got coming up?

At the moment I am working on my new EP and the realization of a series of videos with a live set composed of melodic techno music inserted in a naturalistic context that enhances the sound wave. 

Keep up with Ian Carpenter on Facebook here. Ian Carpenter’s Sahara EP is out now via Trip Records. Buy/listen to the release here