It’s rare we come across talents that leave as much a mark on us as I AM BAM.  First coming to our attention thanks to some brilliant releases on the likes of Monika Kruse’s Terminal M and Coyu’s equally excellent Suara, he’s a man who looks set to be on course to a good thing. Based out of Berlin, his latest work sees him perk up on The AudioBloc, an emerging UK label – based out of Sheffield (home of course, to Warp Records) – that itself is doing some sterling work when it comes to all things techno. This latest release is a heavyweight one too, with no less than eight tracks and a slew of awesome remixes from a bunch of British artists closely aligned with the label. We touched base with I AM BAM via email recently for a quick interview….
How are you, what have you been up to so far this year?

I am pretty well, thanks for asking. I’ve been busy with my music projects, not only as I Am Bam, but also for my new label “IBAM Recordings”.

You are set to release on The AudioBloc this month – how did it come about, tell me about the tune you made for them?

I intended to build a strong dancefloor track which I produced back in 2019. The track came together with a simple groove, then I started layering all the other parts, and after 3 hours, it was ready to go. The dancefloor responded very well, I have tested it many times ahead of the release on The AudioBloc. There’s also two other tracks on the EP “Now” and “Pressure”, with some additional remixes from some great artists.

Where do you start on a new tune?

I pretty much produce all my music on my laptop, my processes are simple with a focus on working quickly.

How much do you think of your audience and the setting for the music?

My audience is everything to me and that’s why before any release, I try to test the music and if it responds well on the dancefloor, I believe it’s ready. 

Are you a gear head, a studio wizard, keen to spend hours in a studio, or are you more just about the end results?

I spend many hours in the studio, around 12 to 15 hours every day producing a lot of music. Not only techno but other genres as well. All I need is my laptop and a simple set of monitor speakers, that’s all I think you need to do a lot of great stuff.

You make big room techno, is that fair to say? Why is that the sound you love?

Yes, I make big room techno, but I also love to make all sorts of techno, it all depends on my mood. There is no one simple genre that I do, as I say, it all depends on my mood, on the day.

What’s next, what will you do after this interview?

Well, right now I’m currently in Iran and it’s New Year’s Eve here, so after the interview, I’ll be going out to have a big feast with my family. 

What did you learn about yourself and the world in the last year?

I’m a positive person, and I think the pandemic has made me realise that no matter what we have, we must always be mentally and physically strong and positive. I’ve been working on a lot of stuff, and I’m ready for the future, I’m excited about it.

How did you stay busy, healthy, sane?

I have been busy keeping my mind and body healthy through music. I’ve also used this time to start my new label, which is my baby, IBAM Recordings. This extra free time has kept me focused on the things I love.

What goals, hopes and dreams do you have for your career?

I have many goals and one of them is to play at the Awakenings Festival, which I think is what many DJs desire.

Keep up with I AM Bam on Facebook and Soundcloud. I AM BAM’s No Edge EP (incl. Melody’s Enemy, SMYTH (UK), Rhys Maxwell, Inafekt, KUSP (UK) Remixes) is out 25th March via The Audiobloc. Buy/listen to the release here