NuraiFest really did things right in year one. The whole thing was well organised, with sound systems that were nice and loud and clear, and plenty of tasty food options that put most to shame. It all starts with an exciting 10/15 minute boat ride from the mainland to the island where the festival itself is held – some lucky few actually managed to be staying on the island resort itself. 

And that island is breathtaking, with stunning ocean views and long, white sand beaches that are warm beneath your feet. The sunsets each night were absolute stunning and added real drama to the musical soundtracks of each stage.  They were all well designed, with tropical and lush organic vibes making them extra special and all the staff in the hotel, bars, airport and food places were happy to see us, welcoming friendly and helpful. 

In all there were two stages and one huge luxury afterparty villa stage with sunset views and late night parties with DJs who played earlier in the evening coming back for more to keep us going. They are all are walking distance between each other but located in different parts of the island, so that added a nice little element to catch your breath. The swimming pool was a popular place to chill during the day and cool down, but also the site of one of the stages that played everything from R&B and hip hop to tech and house. 
You’re really made to feel special throughout this event, and VIPS extra so with their own private areas and luxury accommodation. Musically, wAFF brought some big room vibes that went down well when he played a late night afters at The Villa, and Tiga’s take on turbo charged house was well received when he played the Smoked Pineapple Beach Club. All in all this is a well organised party in a perfect place that is well worth taking a winter break for. 
Keep your eye out for their next editions in 2020 here: