Hi Wood Drift! It’s a pleasure to have you here with us. What have you been up to lately ?

Thank you for having us. We’re in a rich vein of creative form at the moment since the EP was signed off months ago. We’ve genuinely been surprised by the warm feedback from all corners of the scene and it’s added a welcome fuel booster to the studio engine ticking right now.

Congrats on your latest «Buzztap» EP on Do Not Sit On The Furniture. What was your inspiration behind this EP?

Again a sincere thank you. It’s the most significant release we’ve put out there since the concept of Wood Drift began in 2016. We had a lot of music that’s been ready to lift off for a while now. Both Buzzatron and As of Yet were made 3-4 years ago and we knew then we had something unique there to offer because it still was giving us those ‘feels’ years later that you search for that help elevate the consciousness. We consciously did not pick these 3 tracks as an EP. It was really down to our beloved friend Behrouz who had a selection of 5-6 tracks to pick from. He picked those two but was undecided on the rest and asked if we could come up with another fresh track that had a more b-side flavour to it. Went back into the studio and Sentimental was one of the quickest sessions put together which thankfully he was vibing with. We have to also make a special mention to Behrouz for believing in this project from the very start. His constant words of encouragement and direction for me to finish music for his label was the driving force behind this whole project.

Can you tell us more about Wood Drift, and how did you first come up with the idea to create this project?

The seed of what’s been an enduring and treasured friendship was firmly planted on the dance floors in some of London’s most iconic clubs some 25 odd years ago now. It was a golden era in music and tracks which are clearly now standing the test of time and weren’t for just our jilted generation. We were the sum of a bigger band of brothers who lived and embraced this with verve, and wild passion, tinged with the innocence that living your youth brings. I guess we never wanted to lose that essence and so the natural evolvement into wanting to create our own music was born.

When and under which circumstances were you introduced to Music Production and DJ’ing ?

This kind of has been answered in your last question. You guys are in sync with us here 🙂

What are some major musical influences that you believe have shaped your sound ?

There was a golden era of music making and mixing between the late 90s into the mid-nineties that was a more sophisticated and euphoric sound in how it was presented. It was a post-rave/trance period and progressive in every sense of the word. We continue to represent that with our own path we tread here. The comfort end of sounds that remain timeless and universal.

How does your setup look like?

It’s a hybrid setup where we just ensure there is every opportunity to catch that inspired moment and ride that wave. Whether it’s an idea from a music app on the phone or a piece of hardware gear from a basic jam in the studio or from a sample. All of which then gets recorded into Ableton.

Can you mention some of the instruments ( digital or analog ) that you believe define your sound?

There is no go to method here. We just search within and flow with that. We’ll grab any piece of gear or equipment that can help us get to that sound we’re striving to create. Those comfortable end of sounds effortlessly remain timeless.

What has been your highlight gig this year?

We’ve never played out at as Wood Drift. Maybe we should?? Right now those precious rare moments in the studio together that feel like those formative years we shared on the dance floor are the bright sparks that keep the flame going.

What can we expect from Wood Drift in the near future?

More…and more…..literally at dial a-trax pace. They’ve been sitting on the laptop long enough. U want it, we’re ready to dish it out. It’s really now or never. It is the greatest shame if we died tomorrow and all of what we’ve created was left on a hard drive undiscovered.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer our questions, is there anything else you would like to mention before we go?

If you yearn to be creative and want to make any piece of art be it music, or drawing, filmmaking, or anything that you feel has a place in this world and is long past your gone, then don’t let anything or anyone stop you from having that priceless opportunity and moment for your mind and imagination to be stimulated that way We’re all going to die. It’s what is left behind that counts.

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