How has 2019 been now you look back, what sticks out?

My year was very exciting. I was allowed to play in different European cities but also in Philadelphia and South Africa. Last but not least I finished the year with my 7th EP on Dear Deer Black.

You have a dark techno sound – is that fair? What draws you to these styles?

I always liked the dark sound. I like deep basses and dark melodies. Music is a kind of therapy and is part of the process.

Are you a dark person? Does it reflect your own mood?

I’m a happy person. I think there’s a dark side to every person and sometimes that side can influence my mood.

How did you first get into electronic music in Switzerland? Was it easy to access?

I’ve been in the electronic scene since I was 17 years old. Deejaying has always interested me. One thing led to the other. It was never easy, because we have a lot of good artists. I’m working hard to get on.

What sounds are popular there, is there anything that makes you a Swiss artist specifically do you think?

The music in Switzerland is very extensive, you can’t say that any direction is popular. I don’t think that something special makes me a swiss artist. But perhaps my english accent? The mood here is always a bit tense. People are stressed and annoyed. I want to give them my music.

You’re a resident at the notorious Hive Club in Zurich aren’t you? How long have you been doing that?

Yes exactly. I’ve been a resident dj at the hive club since 2014. It’s always nice to come home.

What gear do you use? Does that add any of the characteristics to your sound at all?

In the studio I often work with the sub 37, but I also love to work with different plug ins.

Tell us about your new one on the Dear Deer Black label – what inspired it?

On this EP I just wanted to do something different. On the track “Asatoma” I was influenced by different Indie Dance tracks. On the track “Urrss” I wanted to do something that isn’t so dark, bring more groove into the track.

What else have you got coming up/are you working on?

I work in an office for a telecommunication company. Next year I will reduce my work. I would like to focus more on music and recovery.

What new years resolutions might you set yourself?

I’ll work more specifically on the tracks. I prefer to produce less, but more purposefully.


Vanita’s ‘Asatoma & Urrss’ EP is out on 13th December on Dear Deer BlackPre-order it here


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