Hey, how are you, what’s the current mood in your world right now?

My mood is like the weather in Belgium. Windy and rainy but strangely warm. I am doing good, making a lot of music and having interesting projects. 

What did you learn about yourself or the world during the pandemic?

Something I already knew but the pandemic underlined the fact that I need space, nature and to reconnect with myself and my family and that a different lifestyle is something possible.

When did your band form, why, what makes it work, what are the personalities of the members?

We started out as a mysterious folkband in highschool. We’ve always been best friends and that’s sometimes difficult when things get more real. But most of the time very satisfying, inspiring and bombastic. We have different personalities of course but when it comes to Tin Fingers we are very like minded and consider ourselves a strong team and family.

Tell us about your new one on DHB – firstly the title, can you explain?

Song for sons with a fucked up dad is a very personal song. I lost my father at a young age and I was intrigued by the relationship between a son and a dad. So I eavesdropped a lot about this phenomenon and created a fictional story that I think a lot of sons and dads can relate to. 

How have you got over having a fucked up dad, what impact has it had?

I didn’t get over it but I’m learning to cope with it. Trying to find peace in not knowing everything about my father. I became a father myself and this perspective switch changed everything. It’s something I carry with me and that makes me who I am and what I make.


Is music a way of getting out those emotions and feelings?

Yes. It’s my one and only way and I love it.

What gear do you use in the studio to make your music and does that matter to you?

I try to limit myself in various ways depending the project. I for example don’t go and snoop in sample banks, I create them myself and try to reroute the track through analog gear. Recently I mostly use some old Russian synhs, my biggest love a Waldorf Blofeld, a Oberheim matrix 1000 and a Korg MS20. I’m a big Ableton lover. My I/O is apollo. I like to work with old guitars and grooveboxes, real spring reverbs and I’m a true believer of using a lot of percussion to make the static more organic. 

Do you jam live to see what comes out or do you construct your songs with a brief and an aim?

Both. I sometimes follow a very concrete emotion or idea while other days I just flow and let myself get carried away by other musicians or sounds. It’s a constant search between consciousness and the unknown, and structure and chaos. 

Tell us about the remixes and how you picked them and how you feel about the results?

DHB reached out to me with the idea to make a remix EP for this particular song. Bastiaan felt a strong connection with it and I felt that. So it had to happen. I am honored that these 4 great artists respectfully evolved our song, our baby into a world of their own. Also I had the chance to become buddies with Nico Morano. A future collab might be inevitable. A little secret, this Friday he will perform his remix at our show in De Roma in Antwerp and we will jam on it. But it’s a surprise so keep it for yourself.

What else have you got coming up/are you working on?

Next to Tin Fingers I am producing for other artists. But right now I am preparing and finishing up my solo project White Dress, which is the opposite of Tin Fingers being very dark, electronic and theatrical. I play in Antwerp 30th of October in Trix. 


Tin Fingers “Song For Sons With A Fucked Up Dad Remixes” feat. Nico Morano, Enoo Napa, &lez & NICKO///// released on DHB is out now

Grab it here