Hey Tangible, how are things with you and how has your 2021 been?

Hey Sweet Music, things are nice. Oddly enough, I have mostly enjoyed the Corona restrictions as it has allowed me to go deep into the music and other arts. It’s too sad though to see all the people suffering from it.

You are based in Moscow is that correct? When and how did you get into dance music? What parties, labels and sounds turned you on?

Yes. Actually, I don’t go to parties, etc. It’s just at some point I have really appreciated how emotional and deep some techno music can be. So I have started exploring people like Bodzin, Blomqvist, Bohmer and it just went on from there.

How do you evolve your own sound while staying true to your roots and own signature and not jumping on new hype bandwagons?

I honestly don’t think that melodic/organic techno (let’s call for that way for simplicity’s sake) has any kind of hype. It’s a very niche kind of thing if we take a wide look at the contemporary music scene. So there’s no real hype to be after, in my opinion. This is great actually – as people mostly like it because they like it and not because it’s trendy or something.

Do you make music that suits certain labels or do you create first and worry about that later?

I was trying to go that route once only to find out that it kills everything good in the first place. So now I just do whatever it feels like doing. Genres are a tricky thing. They serve as a base, as a definition, but at the same time, they force the creativity to hold on to things, which is counter-creative itself. 

What are some of the key bits of music making gear in your current set up?

It’s funny, because I have bought a lot of stuff (Moogs and alikes) when I was starting out. I was thinking that this stuff would help me write good music. Now all of it is gone. I just use a desktop with a big screen and a set of good Neumann speakers with a sub in an acoustically treated environment.


How do you work, do you have an idea in your head you work towards or do you just experiment and jam and see what happens?

It’s different each time. Sometimes it is a thought like “What if I take a Russian folk vocal and arrange it with some South American Shaman drums?”. Other times it feels like a pleasant itching: “would be nice to write something”. Usually, it comes this way when there’s a lot of particular energy inside and this energy sort of asks to be revealed and expressed. 

Tell us about your new “Run To You” EP for Ear Porn Music – what inspired or influenced it, where and when and who was it written for?

It is my first EP after almost a 20 years break from music. So I was intentionally pursuing a certain sound and feel of it, and it was quite a challenge to get it. There just were too many things to learn. So when “Run To You” finally came together, I was very happy with it. It feels almost like a debut. 

What else have you got coming up/are you working on?

I have discovered a new adventure of combining electronic sounds with ancient ethnic melodies, vocals, and patterns. I find that ethnic and folk music are the rare things that made it through generations of people. It’s like the essence of human wisdom put in a sonic way. We’ll see where it gets me.

What hopes and dreams do you have for 2022?

I hope that people will be a bit safer from the disasters that we are facing. And a world becomes a bit more relaxed and a bit more loving. As for me, I hope I’ll write some music that will make people feel good.


Tangible EP “Run To You” feat. AMRU & Daijan Remixes released on Ear Porn Music is out now

Grab it here